Next week

* Monday 4:30pm (HIM, the “4:30 seminar”)

I.D. Shkredov, Steklov Mathematical Institute

“On some problems of Additive Combinatorics”

Additive Combinatorics is a mathematical field between Number Theory and Combinatorics studying any combinatorics on a group G which can be expressed via the group operation.
This area is closely connected with Harmonic Analysis and Ergodic Theory and has a lot of deep applications to Number Theory, Analysis, Group Theory, Computer Science and so on.
We will make a short survey on the subject.

* Tuesday 11am (HIM)
Clement Dupont

“Mixed Tate motives, bi-arrangements, and irrationality proofs.”

* Thursday 11am (HIM)
Werner Nahm

* Thursday 2:30pm (HIM)
Marianne Leitner


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